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Our Mission & Values

Welcome to Quick Plus Technical! We’re the ones you can trust to fix your home Appliances in Dubai. We started back in 2013, and ever since then, we’ve been helping out our community with fixing stuff at their homes. We’re all about being good, fast, and making sure you’re happy.

At Quick Plus Technical, our main goal is to be the best at fixing things in your home. We know how important it is to have all your Appliances working, so we’re here to make sure they get fixed right. We’re all about doing great work, not charging too much, and making you happy with what we do. We want to stand out as the ones you can trust.


We really care about you trusting us. Our team knows what they’re doing, and we’re open about how we do things. You can be sure your Appliances are safe with us.

Fair Prices

We think fixing things shouldn’t cost a ton. We’re fair and make sure you’re getting good value for what you spend

Fast & Responsive

Time matters, and we get it. Our team is quick, and we fix things properly, no shortcuts

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be super happy. We work extra hard to make sure you’re not just okay with what we do, but really happy.

What We Handle

Is your fridge not keeping things cool? Or is your washing machine acting up? Don’t worry, we’re here! Quick Plus Technical is great at fixing all sorts of home Appliances. Our smart team can handle everything from fridges and washing machines to ovens and air conditioners. No job is too big or too small.

Our Journey

Since 2013, we’ve been part of the Dubai gang. Over time, we’ve made lots of folks happy with our fixing skills. We’re proud of the friendships we’ve made and the smiles we’ve brought back by fixing things up.

Reach Out to Us

Is something not working right at your place? Need quick and good fixing? Just get in touch with Quick Plus Technical. We’re here to make your home comfy again. Contact us at [contact info] to set up a visit or learn more about what we can do.

Thanks for picking Quick Plus Technical – we’re the ones to fix up your home Appliances!


" I had this coffee machine acting all wonky, right? Took it to these awesome folks, and bam! They fixed it up like pure magic. Super fast service, prices that won't break the bank, and the staff? Total sweethearts. Seriously, you gotta give their top-notch repair services a shot. Highly recommended!"

– Faizan Ali

"I had this really cool experience with their Fridge Repair Services– talk about a fantastic adventure! Their super speedy service totally blew my mind. The technician showed up right on the dot, figured out what was up with my fridge, and fixed it up like a total pro. Now my fridge is rocking and rolling, working like a charm. Seriously, if you're ever in a fridge jam, these folks are the real deal. Thumbs up for their awesome and dependable service!"

– Sampson Totton

Got it! Here's the rewritten text with an easy-to-read style: "Wow, let me tell you about my awesome experience with the Quick Plus Technical Washing Machine Repair! So, my washer was acting up, right? I mean, it was like doing the tango instead of washing clothes. But guess what? These repair folks fixed it up faster than a cheetah chasing its lunch! I highly recommend them

– Haroon Waqas

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